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Winner Packaging Award Private Label

POSTED: 17-03-2017

Gefeliciteeerd Maarten Rijnen voor dBOD meewerkte aan de Albert Heijn Perla koffie verpakking die de NL Packaging Awards heeft gewonnen in de categorie Private Label.


Willem Ritstier wint Stripschapprijs 2017 voor oeuvre

POSTED: 07-12-2016

Stripmaker, illustrator en scenarist Willem Ritstier staat inmiddels overal in de krant, hij won de Nederlandse oeuvreprijs voor stripmakers die al sinds 1974 jaarlijks wordt toegekend.



Pepijn Barnard in Lürzer's Archive

POSTED: 28-10-2016

Pepijn Barnard's Great Dictators were selected as for Lürzer's Archive 200 best Series. We agree! Job well done Pepijn!

More of his work right HERE.


AAA team up for Heineken campagne - #liveyourmusic

POSTED: 05-10-2016

Starry starry night. Several of our illustrators worked on these superfly Heineken bottles. Great work Maarten Rijnen en Teis Albers - Mixed Media Artist via dBOD Cheers! #Liveyourmusic!


Extra special brew

POSTED: 01-09-2016

Making you feel good about drinking!

Jose Luis Garcia Lechner made these illustrations for a special brew. Het Elfde Gebod (The Eleventh Commandement) is temporarily available and every gulp will make you feel better as proceedings go to KIKA, helping children with cancer. Available from September 1st in several Amsterdam cafs and in Albert Heijn and Mitra supermarkets (limited editions). Cheers!


Jose Luis for Campina (Design Bridge)

POSTED: 10-05-2016

Jose Luis Garcia Lechner (JLGL pour les intimes) is working on some subtle and spring-ey illustrations for Campina - through Design Bridge Amsterdam.


GOLD at the Vertex awards

POSTED: 24-03-2016

"BEST IN SHOW!" Congrats and cheers for Jan van der Hoeven and for OD Design Rotterdam. 


EMMA dress-up-doll for Rijksmuseum

POSTED: 01-03-2016

In the Rijksmuseum you can now visit CATWALK an amazing selection of dresses from their fashion collection. Jasmijn Evans made this booklet for them (the hierteekenen campagne, is all about slow-watching, make a drawing while observing instead of taking a quick snapshot). You can dress Emma in an extravagant wedding dress (the widest ever), a black cocktail number or a gorgeous creme empire dress.



POSTED: 18-12-2015

Bardo has joined the ranks of Art Associates. His 3D-characters are ALIVE, their expressions vivid and when animated really leap off the screen. Great effort goes into the sculpting of his characters bases to make movements smooth and lifelike. Other BARDO strong points are: rigging, design, food and packaging and naturally games.


Riccardo wraps it up

POSTED: 17-12-2015

No shame carrying around these paper bags. Riccardo made these absolutely gorgeous beer-wrappers (and glasses) for Fraska Birra Viva. Stylised fairy tale characters in seasonal palettes, will hand you your favorite brew, there is one for every day of the week.

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